Section Template for Adobe Captivate

Section Template for Adobe Captivate, Adobe Captivate 5, Captivate 4

Adobe Captivate templates with menus for slide navigation

The Section Template provides users with menus to navigate through the sections and/or slides of your presentation. The template is organized into sections - with each section having several slides. Users can navigate to the sections using the button provided, and once inside a section, use the page forward/back buttons. A Main Menu button is available to bring them back to the beginning of the presentation. An Exit button calls custom javascript code to close the browser window (with no security dialog window).

KCWebPlaza's templates for Adobe Captivate help you maximize your experience with Captivate. Simply open up the templates and read the instructions provided inside the slides. Copy/paste your text, rebrand it with your logo and corporate colors, and publish. These templates will allow you to quickly input your content and produce professional looking products.


All of our Captivate templates come with these features:

  • Easy to use, streamlined designs. Simply open the movie, copy/paste your content - and click Publish!
  • Professional interface designs. Our templates include graphically designed layouts with colored borders, movie and slide titles, header/footers, and a copyright placeholder. Depending on the template, we also add custom buttons, highlight boxes, navigational elements, and more.
  • Custom recording size. The standard recording size options available within Captivate are actually not ideal if you want to maximize the presentation area for your movies. Our custom sizes provide the largest size movies within a window so your users do not have to scroll right nor down to view your entire stage area. Our templates are designed for 1024 x 768 resolutions (800 x 600 designs available upon request).
  • Customized HTML template. We've edited the standard HTML file used for published movies to adjust the page margins, add custom JavaScript (used within Captivate buttons to restart and close the browser window), and include a copyright notice. With our custom HTML file you'll be able to display larger movies than using the standard Adobe code.
  • Brandable. You can easily place your corporate logo, colors, and fonts within the movies.
  • Instructions. We've written instructions inside the Captivate movie slides to explain how to develop content, insert your content, and replace the placeholder logo and color scheme with your own corporate standards.

Advantages of Using Templates

  • Professional-looking presentation for your customers.
  • Streamline the development process.
  • Increase consistency of your products.
  • Improve effectiveness of training.


The Section Template comes with the following features:

  • Two unique designs - left menu and top menu.
  • Include up to 12 section buttons (up, over and down states).
  • You edit the button titles by editing Text Captions placeholders. Just double-click and edit.
  • A second menu includes:
    • buttons for navigating to Previous/Next slide
    • a Main Menu button to bring users back to t he beginning of the presentation
    • an Exit button that calls custom javascript in your HTML file and closes the browser window (with no nagging security warning!).
  • Text Caption placeholders so you can easily copy/paste or type your content into each slide of your presentation.
  • 3 media frames to add visual appeal to caption text or images.
  • Easily brand the template fit your corporate branding requirements - including logo, color scheme, copyright notice, and fonts.
  • Design #2 uses Click Boxes for section navigation; Design #1 uses buttons for section navigation. We responded to feedback from developers who preferred one method over the other!
  • A revised standard.htm file with custom JavaScript and CSS!
  • An Instruction Guide (.PDF) with detailed notes.

Online Examples

Adobe Captivate Section Template Tutorial 1

Open an online movie: Section Template Design #1
Adobe Captivate Section Template Tutorial 2
Open an online movie: Section Template Design #2


Screen Shots

Development in Captivate

Design #1 Design #2
Section Template Design 1 Section Template Design 2


Main Menu Slide

Design #1 Design #2
Section Template Design 1 Section Template Design 2


Text & Picture Slide

Design #1 Design #2
Section Template Design 1 Section Template Design 2


Design #1 Design #2
Section Template Design 1 Section Template Design 2


Conclusion Slide

Design #1 Design #2
Section Template Design 1 Section Template Design 2


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